Уральский танго марафон


  • First 5 couples buying Full Pass receive a 10% discount from the initial price.
  • To participate in the action “10% discount for the first 5 couples” it is necessary to send 2 applications for Full Pass, 1 for each participant. In case of a controversial situation we take into account the time the second application was sent. We e-mail to inform you about your advantage.
  • Admission is not allowed without advance registration, except for Opening Milonga (27th February) and Milonga After-party (1st March). Entrance payment for a separate milonga or milonga without advance registration is not allowed.

Registration rules

  • It is possible to register alone or with a partner. We seek gender balance, that is why couples are preferable.
  • Immediate registration of couples and leaders without a partner.
  • It is necessary to send an application for each participant and to fill in your partner’s name in the appropriate line.
  • Dear followers, it is not allowed to be registered with a partner who already sent his single application earlier than you. At registration a leader could name a follower from those who sent a single application before. If a leader has already sent a single application, he cannot fill in a partner’s name after that.
  • Payment is necessary for completion the registration. If you are a couple, it is obligatory to pay for both. After confirmation of your successful registration you may start reserving the accommodation and buying the tickets.
  • In case of cancellation of a partner’s registration, the other participant’s registration may be annulled too in order to retain the gender balance. We would recommend you to choose a reliable partner.
  • Replacement and changes in applications are possible only at the coordination of the organizers provided that the gender balance is retained.
  • !!! We would appreciate your understanding!

Way of payment

  • Via bank transfer (Sberbank of Russia, VTB) or on a cash basis during 10 working days since e-mailing you the account information. Simultaneous payment of both participants in the couple is possible. In case of non payment during 10 working days your registration is cancelled.
  • Refund is paid (less charges for the transfer):
    • cancellation before 01.11.2019 – in full amount (100%)
    • cancellation before 01.01.2020 – 50%
    • cancellation since 01.01.2020 – 0%

If you need more details or there is a predicament, do not hesitate to contact me via the Internet or call me +79502054873
utmarathon.ru (Registration starts on 25.09)

Основное место проведения: AVS-Отель, адр.Республиканская 1а.